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Our wedding package now includes a new option for discerning couples who would like to create a living history to be passed down to the generation yet to come.

If you choose to include a wedding scroll in your ceremony, we are now able to offer you a prestigious original piece of artwork from one of Canada's noted heraldic artists and calligraphists. Your scroll will be a reflection of the joyous ceremony in which your wedding vows were exchanged. The resulting original artwork on high quality water colour paper and matted, will retain its quality as a family heirloom. You may even consider having your guests sign the matting in memory of this days celebration. If you have been granted armorial bearings, they could be included in the artwork of the scroll.

About the artist...Mihail George Murgoci, CD    

A member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, he is a self taught professional heraldic artist who studied calligraphy while attending Upper Canada College. He designs and creates illuminated scrolls, combining watercolour, calligraphy and historical integrity, for special occasions such as ceremonial parades, anniversaries, official dedications, VIP presentations, corporate retirements, and weddings. His customized work has also included invitations to a variety of functions.
His vividly coloured scrolls of fine quality craftsmanship which reflect an uncompromising standard of excellence and authenticity have been presented as gifts to foreign dignitaries and to members of the Royal Family. They have been on display in Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and the White House. His art commissions are unique and rare as they embody together his dedication to many hours of painstaking research, intricate heraldic detail and elegant calligraphy.