Town Crier of Markham
John Webster

(905) 472-3122     28 Parkway Avenue, Markham Ontario Canada L3P 2G1

John is a third-generation resident of Markham, Ontario, Canada, and was proclaimed as The Official Town Crier for The Town of Markham by Town Council in 1987. He is very visible throughout the town, conducting historic walks, and reading proclamations at official functions.

John performs at over 200 events per year and sits on many boards of community clubs and festivals.

He is a member in good standing in The Ontario Guild of Town Criers, and was the president of The Guild for 5 years.

John has been honoured to be declared The Honorary Town Crier of The Town of Edlinton, in England, by Lord William Haydon Gordon-Smith.

He has competed with other Town Criers and won 3 World Tropies in the Bermuda International Competition. He is a Champion Town Crier for North America -- a title he held for 7 years as well as an Ontario Provincial Champion. John has represented Markham in many international competitions.

His "Oyez" has been heard in England, Bermuda, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and The United States. He earned the Silver Medal at the Halifax International World Championship, and again in 1999 at The Anacortas World Invitational Championship.

He was Host Crier for the 1993 World Town Crier Championships, held in Markham.

John acts as a good-will ambassador for The Town of Markham, and adds colour and history to community, corporate and charity events that he attends.

Companies or individuals who would like the service of the Official Town Crier of The Town of Markham for a special event, such as the opening of a new business, a special ceremony or announcement, birthday, wedding, or anniversary, may call John directly. Click here.