Queen's Golden Jubilee
Town Crier Competition

Hosted by: John Webster, the Town Crier of Markham and of East Gwillimbury

(905) 472-3122     28 Parkway Avenue, Markham Ontario Canada L3P 2G1     JohnWebster@TownCryer.ca

Derek Tidd

Derek Tidd was officially appointed Town Crier by the City of Niagara Falls in 1995.

The duty of the Town Crier is to make formal announcements on behalf of the Mayor and City Council at all important functions held within the City boundaries.

He leads the many parades which take place in the City during the year. When traveling, he is Ambassador for the City, representing the Mayor, City Council and the Citizen's of Niagara Falls. He is a member of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers.

His uniform is Royal Blue, the City colour. It has gold buttons and is trimmed with gold, which represents the priceless beauty of the Niagara Parkway and area.

The hat is traditionally black and the red rosette on the left side commemorates those who lost theirs lives in the Battle of Lundy's Lane and in subsequent wars.

He wears a Naval Badge because he served in the Air Branch of the Royal Navy in the second World War.

The Ostrich Plume, in his hat contains feathers which were given to him by Andres Ostrich Farm in Niagara Falls. The plume simulates the white cloud above the Falls which from time to time looks just like it.

The gold anchor around his neck is to remind us of the Welland Canal and the ships that sail through it from around the world.

To 'cry' unto an empty street would be a pointless task,
So when you hear their bell and shout, this is all they ask.
Stay a while, gather round and listen to their call.
Their only purpose thereabouts is to entertain you all.